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Get Into Data.

Our modern world is data driven, and this trend is not going to change. ALL aspects of our lives will be data driven in the years to come.

We (GET INTO DATA) are a social enterprise, making data education and opportunities accessible to all. In doing so, we are working to make the data industry reflect the world we live in, by being more diverse and inclusive. 

We help people find opportunities in this new world, by not only training but by guiding through existing and new pathways to a job. 

It is our endeavor to make it a world built by and for ALL of us. 

Skill Gap Vs Employment

Currently, there is a huge demand for skilled data professionals in the U.K.  

9 in 10 jobs in the future will involve some kind of data related skill. 

These are the future proof roles that you should be seeking, in order to secure  a robust career in a data led world. 

However, there are gaps in these being filled owing to myths around these kinds of roles, under-representation amongst certain sections of the population etc. These are great opportunities for anyone from any background, given the wide scope of roles available.

We dispel these myths with courses designed by practitioners, fit for the market and fit for the candidate. We offer a community to help ease your entry into the data profession. 

This gap is an opportunity for all those who are seeking to re-enter the job market or for those who want to start out in a job that will last for the next few decades when more and more jobs are being taken over by machines.

Grab The Data Opportunity   Now

A few pointers as to why getting into data right now is one of the best things to do. 

Demand for data skills tripled since 2013
9 in 10 Orgs need digital skills

9.4 million online job adverts

73% have transferable tech skill

Data Analysis is the fastest growing skill

80% of companies are in COVID Recovery mode

2.4% of company’s bottom line comes from data it holds

16.5 million people more

We can help with our following programs


Get Into Data Program

For Beginner's

Suitable for ALL intrepid beginners into the data world, regardless of background.


This is our program aimed at ANYONE interested in building a career involving data skills at its core. A very basic entry criteria must be met. All are welcome.

Our Core Program Pillars

Employer Focus​



We focus on building, nurturing and establishing multiple routes to employment.

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