The Get Into Data Beginner's Course

Learn how to start your journey into a job in the data profession, in the best possible way with a proven methodology.

Most people who haven’t been exposed to any kind of data related work usually think that it is too technical and not for them. This is the case with both beginners and returners. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone can learn data skills with a bit of practice and application of knowledge.


Here are a few reasons why it can be acquired…


Learn data skills in the right way

We have taken care to design our courses incorporating the needs of the market. 


Our courses are put together by industry practitioners. 

Our courses cater to the correct level of proficiency – beginner or returner.  

Our courses focus on application of the knowledge.

Our 1-2-1 mentors at hand to guide you through.

We partner with Recruitment agencies, internships to find routes to employment.


What you'll learn

We guide you through a methodology to learn data related skills easily.

We will teach you the basics of data management including - data modelling, databases, data analysis, data governance, AI, ML.

We show you how to use modern tools, your network and peer groups to accelerate learning.

We also provide key soft skills training that might end up being the key differentiator when it comes to securing a positiion.


Unique opportunity to network with industry professionals.

You will have lifetime access to various resources like templates, documents, videos etc.

We make sure your inputs have outputs through applied learning on real world projects.

Content Structure

Tailor made to fit your need

An online, interactive and in-depth learning journey where you build your data skills by classroom sessions, self-study, mentor support, peer networking, Q & A and projects.

Week 1: Introduction to the Data Discipline and Teams

In this module, you will be introduced to the basics of information theory, data lifecycle & various disciplines within data profession This will give a good overview of what this whole business of data is and where you think you could fit in.

Concepts: Data, Information, Knowledge, wisdom (insight). Characteristics of good data. Data lifecycle. Data Disciplines.

Week 2: Understanding Metadata

In this module, you will learn that as much as data by itself is valuable, it is the data about data (metadata) that can provide key information about how to manage the data itself i.e. keep it up to date, relevant, accurate, secure and trustable.



Concepts: Metadata, Data classification, Data classification

Week 3: Data Modelling ( & Basics of Data Architecture)

In this module, you will learn about the basics of how companies like facebook, amazon have thought about the structure of the billions of customers and products and gone on to build successful business on top of them.



Concepts: Data modelling, Data Architecture, Database design

Week 4: Data Management & Ops

In this module, you will learn how complex and vast amounts of data is managed and used on a day to day basis.



Concepts: Data Operational process; People, Technology and People aspects of Data Management

Week 5: Master Data, Reference Data & Data Quality

In this module, you will learn about the difference between transactional, analytical and master data. This understanding and their management becomes business critical when multiple systems, partners or technologies are involved (which is always the case).



Concepts: Master Data Management (MDM), Data Quality

Week 6: Data Governance to bring it all together

In this module, you will learn about the various aspects of data governance like compliance to regulations, security measures that need to be taken to mitigate risks, processes to deal with data breaches etc.

Concepts: Compliance, GDPR, Governance, Risk, Security

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Get Into Data Beginner's Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone and everyone interested in knowing more about data management. This course is designed as a beginners course. Whether you have previously worked with data or not, we can guarantee that you will understand it! The idea is to set you up for advanced concepts.

By the end of the course, you will have a very good understanding fo the fundamental principles of data management, key skills required for jobs like data analyst & data manager.

This course will take 1 month to complete with a commitment of 15-20 hours of study per week. 

No. All we need is your commitment to the course. Employers, too, are now focusing on skills rather than other markers like experience, age, background etc., primarily driven by demand in the sector.

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion from us on completion of your course.

Yes, the course is entirely online. You will get access to materials, active student community on a social platform and after the completion  you will be part of our alumni network and mentors that support you.

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